Wanted: You!!! For the Initiative Dark Nights Werder and Havelland

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As we reach further together, I would like to get in contact with you
You like to
• get involved
• care about the region
• enjoy achieving goals together
• have an impact in administration, politics and economy in favour of
o starry skies
o the preservation of biodiversity
o the avoidance of light pollution
It’s for good:
You love
• astronomy
• fishing
• gardening
• nature
You like
• to be in balance
• a good mood
• a good sleep
You make your living with tourism / fishing / fruit & vegetable growing
Too much / wrongly coloured / too bright / wrongly timed artificial light affects all this.
Let's cooperate to keep our nights dark!
By using our swarm energy, share networks, multiply our reach and knowledge!
C. Vilbrandt

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